The 6th Bio-Art Contest
Food and Feeding, which are essential things for life to survive.
With the development of science and technology,
food has been enriched. But there are still many children
starving to death and people who suffering from obesity.
Muk-bahng(Eating Broadcast) and dierary control,
light-eating and vegetarianism, starvation and food waste.
We are planning to have time to share and contemplate
various problems around ‘FOOD AND FEED
Fields of Entry


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Application schedule
Digital photographs, Microscope pictures,
Computer graphics, Video clip, VR (virtual reality)

Please refer to submission rules.

Individuals and groups (maximum of 4 members),
domestic / international
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July 2nd, 2018 (Mon) ~ Aug 1719th, 2018 (FriSun)
(In case of the mailed works, the stamp with
the deadline date will be accepted)

- Grand Prize (1 individual or team):
    certificate + Prize of 5,000,000 KRW
- Main Prize (3 individual(s) or team(s)):
    certificate + Prize 1,000,000 KRW
- Participation Prize (10 individual(s) or team(s)):
    certificate + Prize 300,000 KRW
- Selection Prize (20 individual(s) or team(s)):
  * Public Tax will be charged individually.
Oct 17th, 2018 (Wed) ~ Oct 22nd, 2018 (Mon)
Oct 17th, 2018 (Wed)
4F 1st Hall, Insa Art Plaza Gallery, Jongro-gu,
Seoul, Republic of Korea

The Bio-Art Contest

Bio-Art contest is the cultural event for science and art to figure out the beauty of our life and to project this beauty to artwork.
Medicinal Bioconvergence Research Center (Biocon) from Seoul National University, Seoulin Bio Science are started to hold “Bio-Art Contest” from 2013, and this is the 6th year event for Bio-art contest.
We are planing to find a beauty, made by cell, human and nature on the topic of 'The Life'.
For the bio scientists, it would be the time for thinking back to their own studies and to have creative time to think about the value of their research.
It would be the opportunity for general public to become interested in bio science, which would be the framework for further advance.
This effort would not only make science friendly to the public but also give chance to think about the value and beauty of the ‘life’.
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2017 - Virtual Life

A virtual reality that integrates two separate world opens our eyes to new possibilities and perspectives. Based on its own possibilities, digital media made people express artistic imagination in wide range through technical imagination. In this environment, many works related to human life lower the borders between the areas of art and technology, suggesting a whole new paradigm.

A life can be a substance or not. Information also can be considered a sort of life. The main agent can be expanded not only to human and nature but also to virtual life. Each agent of life creates own unique image and generates creative and artistic events with digital media.

We expect to see virtual life that would be created by combination of biology, digital technology and artistic imagination and the possibility of coexistence at ‘The 5th Bio-Art Contest’.


2016 - Survival

In the movie “the Revenant”, Leonardo Dicaprio fights with the bear, struggles with the cold in the hoarse skin, and eats the liver of a buffalo. What about the movie “Martian”? Matt Damon, who has been isolated in the Mars accidently, strives to survive with all his knowledge and given resources. Humans plan for interstellar travel through the wormhole in the movie “Interstellar” in order to save the future of human race.

As shown, the “SURVIVAL” is desperate thing which makes impossible matters possible. It cannot be exchangeable for anything for everyone. For this reason, sometimes it seems to be too serious or dramatic issue. However, indeed, the “survival” includes every single phenomenon and process that we go through from the beginning of our life to the end of our life. It means that it is very simple and basic task that every living thing has to face on a daily basis.

In the spring, the tree soaks up the water through his root, makes leaves, blooms, and then bears fruits. Every single day that a salmon goes through until she becomes a grown-up and returns to their streams of origin to spawn, and dies. Every single moment that we experience from the time when we were in the womb. Every moments of breathing, eating, working, reproducing, giving birth, and aging. What about all other cells in the nature? They divide themselves, receives oxygen and nutrients to maintain their life and then die after all…

Life, and the ‘survival’ of this life is “the thing” that is very normal but abnormal, minor but valuable, beautiful but ugly, merciful but brutal. Therefore, the reason and the mission of our existence is to find out how to understand, maintain, and develop this “life” every day. Through 2016 Bio-Art Contest, we expect that every single participant would experience time of thinking and expressing the mystique of life and survival in more creative and artistic perspective.


2015 - Sustainability: Abundance of Life

Sustainability: Abundance of Life is the theme of 2015 BIOART Exhibition organized in collaboration with SNU Medicinal Bioconvergence Research Center (Biocon), Seoulin Bioscience Co., Ltd, and the Digital Art Weeks International.

The event showcases Korean as well as international artists whose approaches cover a broad spectrum of research related to the life sciences and whose artworks explore the actual use biological materials in art.

Following its previous editions – “The Link of Life” (2013) and “Life and its Creative Energy” (2014), this year exhibition is focused on science and art in aesthetic discourse raising questions about the role of scientific research in contemporary art aesthetics and the ethical considerations raised by use of living materials in the Bio Art movement. 

Consisting of an exhibition and outreach program, the event presents actual scientific research within a gallery context and reveals to the public the methods of science that conventionally sit hidden away behind the walls of countless laboratories.

Open to the public, the outreach program explores techniques employed in laboratories by scientists within a workshop context and engages participants in a process of discovery of some of the scientific pursuits being illustrated by the artworks.

The organizers of the Bio-Art Exhibition believe that the event will provoke a debate and raise questions around contemporary bio-art practices, aesthetics and scientific inquire.


2014 - Life and Creation

Life, the creative energy! The living organism lives his or her own life by going through every step of the birth, the growth, giving birth, and the death. With all these activities, “life” truly means something. So far, we have not clearly figured out the mystique of our ‘life’. Human beings, just like other living organisms, just live the human life. Tough, humans keep trying to get closer to the ‘life’ by constantly studying the value of life. This might be the main reason why the sciences and the arts are both interested in the fundamentals of our life.

Every living organism consistently make moves in order to maintain his/her life. Metabolism, homeostasis, growth and development, exercise, reproduction and adaptation. These are all part of our life that requires elaborate efforts. Actually, we all need energy for such activities, which we call the ‘life energy’. When we talk about the order of the great nature, it refers to the phenomenon and the organic flow of this “life energy”.

Aside from very basic activities to survive, we do continue our intellectual activities to create values or to express ourselves. This means that we are the part of life that consist the nature with creative energy, which is the main difference from other living things. And this creative activities are science and art.

All sciences are referred to the activity that pursues the goal of finding unity and link between different existences in the nature while all arts are referred to the activity of expressing the value of the essence of life in the perspective of human and nature. In the end, the creative energy of humans is the power of finding life energy of the great nature and restructuring it. Thus, we can understand that ‘life’ itself is the main source of the new creation and observation, and the common factor of science and art.

In the 2nd Biocon-Seoulin Bioart Contest in 2014, we expect that the mystique and joy of life and consistently changing life energy can be bloomed to its utmost with the creative energy.


2013 - Link of Life

So far, we have not realized the real value of our lives, thinking that we are too close to each other or we just naturally deserve each other. It is such a dishonor to take the first rank of suicidal rate among OECD member countries, and it might have been caused by our indifference to each other.

Thus, finding the value of our life will be the process of finding back the value and nobility of our life that we have been forgetting about. 2013 Biocon-Seoulin Bio-Art Contest is the scientific event to figure out the value of life and to project this through artwork.

All Korean citizens are eligible to participate with their own original artwork in the forms of photography, video clip, or other facture. What is special about this contest is that we have special theme of “Link of Life”, which is the biggest difference from other existing art contests.

With given theme, we are trying to find out the beauty that cells, humans, natures are generating by making connections between each other. Through these steps, people who are studying bioscience would have creative time to find out the beauty from our daily life. For those who are interested in our life and life-related issues would become closer to bioscience from this opportunity.

We expect all participants would find out the fun of bioscience from this Biocon-Seoulin Bio-Art Contest.


  1. Who can apply: Individuals and groups (maximum of 4 members), domestic/ international
  2. Fields of Entry: Digital photographs, microscope pictures, computer graphics, video clip, VR (virtual reality)
  3. Requirements
    • Digital pictures and computer graphics should be in jpg file with 2560x 1920 pixels (in case of 72dpi) and should not include any watermark or caption.
    • Microscope pictures should be sent with the maximum resolution of the apparatus.
    • The video clips should be in 1280×720 pixels or higher. The file should be in MP4 format and should not exceed 100MB (shorter than 3 minutes).
    • All contents made in VR and shorter than 3 minutes are acceptable. It should be compatible in Samsung Gear and submitted as 360VR format.
    • The file should be named in the following format: “Name (name of the team leader)_title” i.e.) "John_Food And Feed"
    • The file should include the contents related to Bio-art.
  4. The way of apply
    • Submit online and upload the file on the contest website.
    • Consult with the organizer staffs if you want to submit your own special work.
  5. Notes
    1. All award-winning works (Participation Prize and higher) will not be returned. The contest host can use award-winning works for marketing and promoting the events by presenting the works through exhibition, workbook, postcard, and others. The works also can be posted online gallery.
    2. For the prize money, public charge and tax will be levied on the winner.
    3. For the group candidates, the prize will be awarded as a group. The prize money will be paid to the group leader.
    4. Depending on the quality and quantity of candidate works, the prize giving details are subject to change.
    5. Works with inaccurate candidate information or works not complying with the work standards and requirements can be exempted from the evaluation.
    6. In case of the works already won the prize from other contests or similar works to other works, awards will be automatically cancelled.
    7. In case of legal issues around submitted works and award-winning works, such as plagiarism, copyrights, or image rights, the prize money should be returned and the prize will be invalidated. The relevant candidates are liable for any legal issues incurred in this case.
    8. Contest details and schedules are subject to change due to certain circumstances. Any changes will be notified on the website.
    9. For those who wish, works can be submitted by mail or visiting. However, all costs including transportation should be covered by the candidates. If the works are mailed, the stamp with the deadline date will be accepted.
    10. Except for the award-winning works, candidates are allowed to retrieve their works from November 1 (Thursday) 2018~ November 30 (Friday) 2018 (09:00-18:00/ closed on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays). The rights on the works not retrieved will belong to Medical Bio-Convergence R&D Center.
  6. Artwork submission to:
    • “The 6th Bio-art Contest”, Medical Bio-convergence R&D Center, 8F of Building #B, Advenced Institute of Convergence Technology, 145 Gwanggyo-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Postal code: 16229
    • Note: The contest is not responsible for any possible disadvantages caused by delayed arrival or damage of the work.


“The 6th Bio-art Contest”, Medical Bio-convergence R&D Center, Seoul National University
Tel: +82 31.888.9297, Fax: +82 31.888.9294, Email: bioart@biocon.snu.ac.kr